for work, I took a “Personality Diversity Indicator” test.

Below are my results.

Yellow/Blue – The Relating Socialiser

I am a person who enjoys and thrives on having people around me. My focus, though, will be on the others, not me. I have a naturally warm disposition and people are generally comfortable opening up to me. I have a natural desire to help others, even doing volunteer work for organizations that allow me to aid others. I love parties.
I am creative and in some cases, musically oriented. I am adept at starting and sustaining harmonious relationships. I am tolerant, understanding, supportive and a natural listener. I love life and I love people.
I have an inherent desire to help people and I have to be aware that this in-built need could get me hurt or even killed. I find it virtually impossible to stop myself from jumping in to help someone else.
My tendencies include:

  • I project a warm and caring attitude and prefer the same from others
  • I enjoy displays of affection and approval
  • I dislike aggression and conflict
  • I get turned off by complexity and confusion
  • I have a tendency to be more expressive or emotional under pressure
  • I am a challenge for RED / GREENS – GREEN / REDS, as my focus is generally on people, not tasks and objectives

My Potential Limiters:
With tasks: Because I am so people-oriented, my improvement opportunities are mostly associated with tasks. I especially need to work to strengthen my problem-solving and decision-making skills. These skills can help me deal better with complex and unwieldy tasks.
With people: I need to monitor the balance between pleasing myself and pleasing others. I tend to expend so much energy on others that I sometimes neglect my own needs.

  • I need to be more fast-paced when dealing with REDS, especially when there are time pressure deadlines
  • I should start to think about what personally satisfies me, independent of the pleasure I get from helping other

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