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in a bathroom in a house that’s not mine, in a mirror that was not whole, with a camera that stopped working afterwards.
houston, tx.
i have not worked at taking a self portrait in the past four years.
since then, I’ve ignited, fought, and settled revolutions within my heart- won or lost I can’t tell, but perhaps that was never the purpose.
i am reading a book about change. and the most ground-shaking point in the book is that many things can effect change, but the factor that creates permanent change is belief. Higher powers and a transformation of habit can help us change, but it is the capacity to BELIEVE that things will get better that makes ALL the difference.
Todd Heatherton said, “Change occurs among other people. It seems real when we can see it in other people’s eyes.”
i have friends and family who surround me, sentinels in the darkness of the past two years. They have guided me through the storms, and they have been my most powerful weapons in these revolutions of heart.

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