tell me that my silence creates a possibility that is greater than words

the things that impacted my life with a magnitude that i expected:
– dancing tango
– my relationship with my mother
– the sound of laughter
– being in water
– being in love
– being heartbroken
– altitude
– tequila
– talking to strangers
– poetry
– constant travel
– creating photographs
– living outside the United States
– other people’s writing

the things that impacted my life with unexpected magnitude:
– drinking water
– wearing color
– my career in business, which a friend told me i would “most definitely fail at.”
– tofu
– Capitalization and. Punctuation!
– running
– the heat
– the cold
– living in Texas
– shamefully, Starbucks.
– practicing yoga
– discovering blues dance
– avocado
– my relationship with my father
– humor
– new york city

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