yesterday, i spent all day staring into the blue eyes of one of my closest friends. i have known for years why men fall in love with her, and our day together reaffirmed it all. she let me borrow a zebra-print dress, tried to convince me that i looked good in it, and

we attended a wedding together. the sky was the color of the shadows in my room, and the clouds opened their mouths and spit out fire and rain. suddenly everything was wet, and just as suddenly everything was soaked in sunshine. and we danced, and we ate too much food, and the bartender (at a wedding!) asked for my ID, but i convinced him that i am old enough to have a lime-green frozen margarita. with salt.

and we sweat, and we bounced around in a bouncy moonwalk, and bride and father two-stepped to a country western song.

and then pete sang matt nathanson’s “All We Are” as the couple’s first tango dance. and i cried, and i cried, and the bride’s speech ended with her being unable to speak, and choking back the tears, she grinned and said, “it’s okay, it’s cool to cry.”

and they played a song just for the children, and only for people carrying a child, and s. swept me off my feet and she carried me out to the dance floor to dance.

the sun set

the grass couldn’t keep the light off of itself

the earth shook with water and happiness, and with the weight of how long it took for this to happen (and of how many people thought it wouldn’t), but it did, it finally did

and back at home we talked about the power of vulnerability, and we got ran over by happy loving dogs who had just jumped into the swimming pool, and we drank strawberry banana smoothies.

and M made delicious food, and we laughed, and we ate lemon trifle made with no dairy, and they sang, and  i blew out one candle, and we went dancing, and in the end, the words didn’t matter.

every day is a start

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