as i struggled through my 12th iteration of chaturanga in yoga class, the instructor passed by with her shirt proclaiming:”it never gets easier, you just get better.”

clemente called me out. we athletes just want a workout. i do extra pushups in yoga class just to get my workout in. and he called me out. that’s not what yoga is about. he talked about how military force has conquered nations, and we think we can conquer our bodies using the same force. but we can’t! how many casualties do we encounter, nay, cause, along the way?

life, this is life.
dis-ease vs ease
we push our bodies thinking that’s how we get ahead
and we get injured, and we push on,
and we get tired, and we push on
and we get cranky, and we push on

but what of peace?
what of respect?
what of stillness?

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