I went to the ICP and found Weegee’s exhibit informative, but Chien-Chi Chang’s work was what really hit home. I stood in front of the exhibited contact sheet and wrote this down from the article:

“I started doing my single-frame project in 2008… Usually when you shoot, you work the image. You shoot a strip of film and pick the best. I work it, too, but in my heart or mind. I press the shutter when I feel connected. I don’t really care about the ‘before’ and ‘after’ anymore. I feel that one shot is enough. Sometimes I might feel I’m missing the so-called ‘decisive moment,’ but when you accept you’re going to shoot this way, you accept that you’ll be missing something: you win some, you lose some. I take pictures increasingly slowly, trying to make every frame count even more. I spend time watching, observing, interacting. Sometimes I feel, ‘enough,’ and I put down the camera and have a bowl of tea.”

Chien-Chi Chang, Taiwanese photographer 
Quote: “Photography is still instinctual, but I am more disciplined now. I am trying to make every frame count, just as in Tai Chi every breath counts.”

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