the end of march left me like a blazing wildfire. i feel stripped like the bare trees in the aftermath, really, breathless, anew.

“That which we manifest is before us.”

– korean restaurant on the third floor. it is raining outside. your umbrella is mint green, mine is pink (i stole it from my roommate just in case). sweet-sounding korean from you, a silent nod and smile from me. chicken kar-jeabe for the both of us. with handmade long noodle & dough flakes. chicken, potato, onion, green onion. our lives pouring out of our mouths, our eyes unblinkingly wide at the similarities of what we are saying.
– how there is no chronology in my writing. how i write out of order, but somehow it is absolutely in order
– moving every year
– ebay
– shedding things while growing possibility
– photography photography photography
– music making my heartbeat a warzone. not sure what weapons were involved (but surely the pitcher of sangria helped).
– an email i read on the way home. my heart pounds, i can’t believe that you know exactly what i needed to hear at 12:41AM.
– sunset across the train tracks
– pretend-ballet at night, looking a fool and skipping across the carpet with audacity
– noting how the guy’s photography was not at all like the Decisive Moment as described by Henri Cartier-Bresson
– oh, cindy sherman!

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