the idea of tragic is just that. an idea.
for, many people take tragedies
to be serious until they are told
they are actually comedies

and dancing is dancing until
it is no longer dancing
and really my hips are moving like water,
because i am water,
and you swim in me

and we built this kingdom together,
skyscrapers and volcanoes that take just
one-one-hundredth of a heartbeat
to cave in and destroy
here, first you take a whack at it,
and then it’s my turn.
and now, yours.

and we can’t recreate memories,
but what if we accidentally forget the past?
then the accident wouldn’t be a tragedy anymore
instead the sun would rise just like yesterday
yet we would see it with unborn eyes

and in the accidental comedy you laugh until you cry,
but you won’t understand why,
and you will swim in many oceans
swallow so much water
and forget many kingdoms,
and this city is just a city
and the moon will start rising
what is the diffference?

i suppose there was a window,
but perhaps we never looked outside
even at the darkest,
it could have always been morning.

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