it’s dark, darling. you’re not here. like most days.

my headphones are on, the big bulky ones that you always say must have cost me a lot of money. the bigger the things the more it costs, it seems. and Wake Up is blasting, over and above everything, darker than the darkness and louder than the words that you never even spoke. there are three blankets on top of my thighs but i feel colder than i did on the glaciers

oh how dare you, but now my life is being saved and my breath is shallow

in between or in the seams i can’t tell

or i can’t remember,

one of the two.

i think i’d be prouder of the latter, but the former would have let me sleep.

he held me as i cried your tears

and he held up the architecture he never designed

and he cleaned up the messes he never made

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