recently i examine my status as a chameleon.

tango instructor, tango dancer, occasional tango DJ, even more occasional pool party DJ, obsolete web designer, easy guitar tabs guitar player, sort of photographer, sometimes writer, casual salsa dancer, rare swing dancer, former token-asian-girl-on-hip-hop-team, shower singer, lover/fighter depending on the cause and the rebellion, self-proclaimed writer both humorously and food-ily, shy poet, alpha-female in the workplace, people-observer extraordinaire, mountain-climber, 4-inch-stiletto heels wearer, riot causer, proponent of peace, runner, retired casual bicycler, park rollerblader, arguably “half” or “whole” of anything, american but chinese, chinese but american, taiwanese not chinese, chinese and taiwanese, something like mexican, traveling technology consultant, stumbling Spanish-speaker, occasionally-travel-bug-infested-hostel backpacker, posh-hotel-stayer, hopeful human being, doubtful, certain, and everything in between.

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