I have a friend who made a joke once about the difference between men and women. I think he might have seen this in a movie once.

If a woman and a man are sitting on a couch, and the woman says “I’m thirsty,” the man will get up and get her a class of water.

The woman might look confused and asked, “Why did you get me a glass of water?”
The man might say, “Um… because you said you were thirsty.”
The woman might respond, “But honey, I didn’t want you to get me a glass of water. I just wanted you to tell me that you, too, have known what it’s like to thirst.”

Men want to solve problems.
And that’s great.
Women sometimes just need validation, or to voice a feeling they have and receive an acknowledgment.

Coming from different planets, it doesn’t work all the time. It can’t.

But you’re still the yin to my yang, and my vulnerability is my own. I shouldn’t rely on you to erase it.

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