a friend asked me what i saw in shanghai. do you see shanghai in harsh tones?

i don’t think so. i think i see the vibrancy in life. i remember the contradictory elements of the city- the gleaming, glittering, almost embarrassingly flashy skyscrapers.

And in shocking yet quiet juxtaposition, i remember the streets of clotheslines and trashbins, bicycles and mopeds, street vendors, noise and chaos. Though I will never claim to know China, or any country for that matter, this is the China I know.

He told me that for some reason, my photographs mostly make him sad. They feel lonely.
I told him he was perceptive, because I think I have a very prominent theme
throughout my art
That’s why I latched onto the Midair concept
my screenname became rose in midair
someone asked why
and I think it’s because I always feel between things
I’m floating in between sadness and joy, between coming and going,
but it’s an observant place, it’s rarely a negative thing

This is a place where i can see the inherent loneliness in man, his detachment, maybe-despite being surrounded by constant stimuli. This is the realness of our independence and humanity, isn’t it?

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