the more i see as the years go by, the more i am convinced that life is there as a veil, as a diversion. i see Life breaking and chipping away at my friends’ creativity, their souls.

creativity and imagination are somewhat associated with youthful hunger, with exploration, with opportunity. do those things decrease as we get older and more set on a singular path? i don’t know. i think outlets and channels for curiosity may change.

i’m not sure if i am just a bit crazier than most. some behaviors and events in my personal life might dictate that i am.

but is it better to be passionate, or live an even-keel, consistent life?

i don’t know that, either.

i know i’ve tasted comfort, the kind of comfort that cocoons you, that separates you from your feelings so that you are numb with feeling but full of freedom and comfort.

passion can become shackles if you allow it to be.

we have this inherent desire to CONTROL things. but things we are passionate about cannot necessarily be controlled.

this post is a circular reference.

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