i had lunch with phil today, and i asked him, how do you know if he’s the One?

he said something like the following:

well, love is like all things in life. the hardest thing to do is to Keep It Simple, even though it’s the best thing for it. it’s so easy for love to get complicated, when really we should focus on keeping it simple.

you know the person is the One if you want to be around them all the time. if, when they aren’t there, you say to yourself, “this would be much better if he were around.” if they are there, they make things so much more fun.

i have a friend who always goes on and on about how unsure she is about the man she is with. he’s somewhere, she is elsewhere, and neither of them want to move. they both come up with excuses, like, no, i need to be here because of X, Y, and Z, why don’t YOU come here?

and in the end, if he and she were the Ones for each other, the answer would be simple. nothing is more important than that love they have for each other. nothing would stand in the way. it’d be simple, I would be wherever You are.

that’s how you know you’ve met the One.

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